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DolphinLab and Dolphin Camp Course Dates

Now accepting applications for 2017!

Dolphin Research Center's Dolphin Camps, Teen DolphinLabs and Adult DolphinLabs offer experiential education at its finest!  Spend a week learning about and interacting with dolphins and you'll spend a lifetime remembering the experience.

The classes listed on these schedules are open for individual participants. If you are interested in bringing a group to DRC for a DolphinLab outside of the public program dates listed below, please contact the Education Department. 

You must be within the age range to participate in any DolphinLab or Dolphin Camp. There will be no exceptions.

Some of the summer courses fill quickly, so we recommend applying as soon as possible.  


2017 DolphinCamp Dates

Classes Dates Spaces Available
DolphinCamp (ages 10-12)
DolphinCamp (ages 10-12) 6/17-6/23/2017 3
DolphinCamp (ages 13-14)  6/24-6/30/2017  0
DolphinCamp (ages 13-14) 7/01-7/07/2017 3

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2017 Teen DolphinLab Dates

Classes Dates Spaces Available
Teen Basic DolphinLab (ages 15-17) 7/08-7/14/2017 2
Teen Basic DolphinLab (ages 15-17) 7/15-7/21/2017 0
Teen Basic DolphinLab (ages 15-17) 7/22-7/28/2017 0
Teen Intermediate DolphinLab (ages 15-17) 7/29-8/04/2017 7
Teen Marine Mammal Care & Basic Training
(ages 15-17)
8/05-8/11/2017 8

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2017 Adult Course Dates  

January/June Classes:

Classes Dates Spaces Available
Basic DolphinLab 3/18-3/24/2017 4
Basic DolphinLab 5/06-5/12/2017 2
Marine Mammal Interpretation 5/13-5/19/2017 2
Cognitive & Behavioral Research 5/20-5/26/2017 0
Marine Mammal Care and Basic Training 5/27-6/02/2017 3
Advanced Training & Enrichment 6/03-6/09/2017 0

Adult August Classes:

Classes Dates Spaces Available
Basic DolphinLab 8/12-8/18/2017
Marine Mammal Care & Basic Training 8/19-8/25/2017 3

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Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.
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