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DolphinLab Teen Intermediate

Course Information

Teen Intermediate DolphinLab builds on the knowledge and experience of the Teen Basic DolphinLab, while still incorporating plenty of fun along with quality educational information.  This seven-day program not only features the advanced study of dolphins, but also explores other marine mammals including sea lions, manatees, river dolphins and more. The format is similar to Basic DolphinLab, but this course offers more time for students to work together on a group project and pursue their personal interests. Teen Intermediate DolphinLab also provides the students with the opportunity to explore careers in the marine mammal field through interaction with Dolphin Research Center staff.

The course includes a unique blend of seminars, different from the Teen Basic course, plus observation time of DRC's dolphins and sea lions and hands-on activities.  Experiential learning can be fun! Class sizes average twelve to fourteen students to ensure individualized instruction.

Seminars Include:

  • Baleen Whales
  • Manatees
  • Navy Dolphins
  • Marine Mammals in the Media
  • Pinnipeds
  • River Dolphins
  • Whaling

Hands-On Activities Include:

  • One Play with the Dolphins session
  • Two Dolphin Encounter sessions 
  • One signal session

Additional Activities Include:

  • Educational Field trip
  • Observation time
  • Career shadowing
  • Informal interviews with training staff
  • Public surveys
  • A group project


The cost of Teen Intermediate DolphinLab is $1600.00 (US). Tuition includes all seminars, activities, meals, lodging, a field trip, and photographs of your dolphin interactions taken throughout the week. The cost of Teen Intermediate DolphinLab also includes transportation to and from the Key West Airport at pre-established times that will be provided to you after you are a confirmed student.  Teen Intermediate DolphinLab tuition also includes the cost of our chaperone, a DRC staff member who resides at the dorm and supervises evening activities.


Students must successfully complete Teen Basic DolphinLab before participating in Teen Intermediate. (During the summer, these labs are offered consecutively. You may enroll to take Basic DolphinLab and Intermediate DolphinLab during the same summer.)

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Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.
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