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Donations & Special Appeals

Thank you for deciding to contribute to Dolphin Research Center. Only with your help can we continue in our mission of teaching, learning, and caring for Marine Mammals and the Environment we all share.

Make a general donation to DRC

There are some special areas where DRC can use your help:

Help DRC Support Those In Need

Help DRC support those in need

Dolphin Research Center has a long tradition of reaching out to children and adults with special needs. They have always held a warm place in our hearts. This is why we created the Pathways and Dolfriend programs. Your contribution will go a long way to help us continue to provide these programs.

The Pathway and Dolfriend programs are designed to reach out to those with special needs and provide them with an entrance into the dolphins’ world. Educational and recreational activities are introduced to help increase motivation and enhance the personalized experience. Unfortunately these programs run at a deficit with an annual loss of over $80,000!

Help us support our special needs programs.


Celebrate a Dolphin's Birthday or Anniversary

Celebrate a Dolphin birthday or anniversary

You can help us celebrate a dolphin's birthday or anniversary at DRC by buying them their favorite treat - a big bucket of fish.  Each bucket costs $20. 

Send a Birthday Bucket of Fish.



A.J. May 23, 1988 Birthday  
Aleta Dec. 21, 1984 Birthday  
Calusa Feb. 15, 2001 Birthday  
Cayo Dec. 13, 2006 Birthday  
Delta Nov. 22. 2009 Birthday  
Diamond June 19. 2012 Birthday  
Diva Nov. 06. 2013 Birthday  
Flagler Nov. 15. 2010 Birthday  
Gambit Nov. 5. 2010 Birthday  
Gypsi Jan. 6, 2007 Birthday  
Jax Jan. 8, 2008 Anniversary  
Karen Mar. 8, 2009 Anniversary  
Kilo Jun. 28, 2001 Birthday  
Lina Jan. 13, 2010 Anniversary  
Louie Feb. 6, 2011 Anniversary  
Luna Jan. 29 2010 Birthdayy  
Merina Nov, 21, 1984 Birthday  
Pandora Nov. 22, 1997 Birthday  
Pax Mar. 30, 1997 Birthday  
Rainbow Oct. 23, 1991 Anniversary  
Reese Dec. 3, 2012 Birthday  
Sandy Aug. 15, 1979 Birthday  
Santini Nov, 29, 1986 Birthday  
Summer Jan, 27, 2015 Anniversary  
Talon Jun. 8, 1990 Birthday  
Tanner Mar. 13, 2002 Birthday  
Tursi Nov, 26, 1973 Birthday  
Windley Nov, 12, 2013 Birthday  


Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.
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