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Dusk to Dawn - Group Overnight

Bring your students for an extended stay at Dolphin Research Center!  Students will learn about dolphins during the day, and spend the night at our comfortable dormitory located right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Spend a fun-filled evening learning about marine mammals and then stay the night!

Please note that this program is not available during our public DolphinLab season which typically runs from May through August.

Dusk to Dawn offers:

  • A private tour of DRC
  • Watch one of our narrated animal sessions
  • Good Night to the Dolphins
  • A fun lesson on dolphin communication, including listening in on our own family of dolphins through an underwater microphone
  • A pizza party at our dorm located directly on the Gulf of Mexico
  • Take part in discussions about the dolphins' unique abilities and what you can do to help them and their environment.
  • For younger students: Explore your creative side with a fun Craft Project using recycled materials
  • A comfortable night's sleep at our dormitory and a Continental breakfast the next morning
  • A "before hours" morning spent "waking up the dolphins" and Greet a Dolphin where you come down on a dock for a closer look and give a dolphin a back-rub
  • Your group can then spend the day at DRC seeing all our fun and exciting dolphin and sea lion behavior sessions.


$75.00 per person* (One chaperone at $38.00 per 10 paid participants)
*Cost is based on a minimum attendance of 10 people

Additional options:

A variety of our interactive programs may be added on to enhance your Dusk to Dawn program. These may be scheduled the day of arrival or the day of departure. Each program is an additional cost to the $75.00/person fee for Dusk to Dawn.

Day Trip $30.00 and up per person - Let our marine experts engage your group for a few hours to a full day with private discussions, demonstrations on a variety of marine mammal subjects along with various activities. Dolphin Day Trips.

Signal Session $55.00 per person - Feel like what it's like to be a trainer and come down onto a dock to give hand signals to the dolphins for behaviors!

Arrangements for additional programs must be made with the Education Department at time of booking your Dolphins:Dusk to Dawn program. Costs for any add-on programs are in addition to the base price of the Dolphins:Dusk to Dawn program. Additional programs are available based on the needs and ability of our dolphin family at the time of the program being booked.

Contact the Education Department for information and pricing of add-on programs you wish to include in your Dolphins:Dusk to Dawn experience.

Dusk to Dawn must be scheduled in advance. For any questions or to schedule Dusk to Dawn program for your students, please contact the Education Department at 305-289-1121 ext. 207 or via email at 

Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.
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