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Our Animal Family

Common Name: Bottlenose Dolphin

Scientific Name: Tursiops Truncatus

Parents: Merina / Noel (Miami Seaquarium)

Birth Date: December 13th, 2006

Defining Trait: Long, graceful rostrum/pink belly

My Story: Cayo, which means “key” in Spanish, is the third daughter of Merina and the first DRC calf conceived by artificial insemination. Like her mother and siblings, Pandora, Calusa, Flagler and Windley she is an intelligent, independent spirit. Cayo loves to control anything and everything … the game is to get her to think it’s “her idea”! A beautiful graceful dolphin, Cayo always keeps us on our toes!

Nicknames: Cay-Cay

Our Mission - Through education, research and rescue, Dolphin Research Center promotes peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals, humans and the environment we share with the well being of DRC's animals taking precedence.
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